Silverline Arts ©2012.

Classic retro gaming returns with a vengeance in this fast paced arcade shooter.
Navigate and blast your way through the Meteor fields to survive.
Collect power ups to upgrade your lasers and collect special power ups to activate your super weapons including dual lasers, super lasers and 3-Way fire.
Use your shields for emergency escapes.
All new 'Invasion” mode pits you not only against the Meteor fields but the Invaders for outer space in this amazing arcade cross twist.


* Fast Retro action!
* Retro skin mode
* 2 selectable ships (2 addtional with upgrade pack)
* Arcade game mode
* Invasion mode
* Time mode
* Parallex scrolling
* Ship shield ability
* Power-ups
* Customizable controls
* Difficulty options
* Retina display
* High quality sound track
* HD version featuring additional backgrounds and high quality audio

upgrade pack

* Tech skin
* 2 additional ships
* Survival mode
* Super-chunk mode

** PLEASE NOTE - regarding in-app purchases**

If you have purchased a in-app purchase and have updated the title you may need to re-purchase the in-app upgrades again to reactivated the purchase. (You will NOT be charged for this by apple)

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

iOS 4.0 or better


Code - Chris Shay
Art - Merlyn Lear
Music - Elwyn Lear